LinkedIn Learning Review 2022 – Up Your Career Skills

Updated on July 8, 2022

Online learning platforms offer courses on a wide range of topics, from programming and graphic design, to personal development and health. And LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda, is one of the most popular platforms out there. But is it the right choice for you? In this comprehensive LinkedIn Learning review, we’ll go through the platform’s features, and answer any questions you might have along the way.

LinkedIn Learning is ideal for those looking to learn from a great selection of courses in Business, Technology, and Creative Subjects. But unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer free courses. You cannot take a course without paying either for an individual course, or a subscription plan.

LinkedIn Learning
Rating: 4.3/5


LinkedIn Learning is a great online learning platform for you to learn and improve your career skills. It has a big learning community and covers a massive range of courses and topics. Courses are designed in a way to offer interaction between the students and instructors – making the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable.

  • Massive range of courses and topics
  • Interaction between learners and instructors
  • Content in 7 different languages
  • LinkedIn Learning mobile app
  • No free courses available
  • Certificates of completion aren't accredited
  • Difficulty levels aren't 100% accurate
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LinkedIn Learning Review

LinkedIn Learning Homepage

The LinkedIn Learning homepage was founded back in 1995 in California, as online support for the books and classes taught by Lynda Weinman, a special effects animator, and multimedia professor. In 2002, the company began offering courses online, and since then, it has been teaching students, business people, and professionals for more than 20 years.

In 2017, Lynda was acquired by the world’s largest professional network, and it was renamed to LinkedIn Learning. This merger brought the networking expertise of LinkedIn to, and together, they’ve set to offer the ultimate solution for those pursuing professional growth. As of June 2, 2021, the website was shut down, and permanently redirected to LinkedIn Learning.

Today, LinkedIn – the professional network has a growing community of 740+ million users in more than 200 countries worldwide, while LinkedIn Learning has a growing community of 27+ million students. It also serves over 10,000 organizations, and offers more than 17,200 courses led by experts in the industry. What’s even more convenient, LinkedIn Learning offers courses in seven different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.

LinkedIn Learning Stats

Let's take a look at some interesting LinkedIn Learning stats that might help you decide whether this platform is a good fit for your needs.


What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is one of the most popular online learning providers, and in terms of the type of courses it offers, it is quite similar to Skillshare, Upskillist and Udemy. It is created with a specific goal – to help people learn job-related skills and advance their careers in today’s highly competitive job market.

As LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn, it also serves as a social network for businesses and professionals. This means that it offers a unique opportunity to learn, and at the same time, grow your network. This is something you cannot find on other platforms.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all instructors are academically trained. Yet, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the qualifications and expertise needed to teach. All LinkedIn Learning instructors have proven industry knowledge, so you are learning the real deal.

Is LinkedIn Learning Accredited?

Although courses on LinkedIn Learning are educational and valuable, the certificates of completion are not accredited. This means that they’re not approved or provided by a college or a university. However, certificates are displayable on the student’s professional LinkedIn profile and recognized by potential employers.

LinkedIn Learning Features

In this section, we're taking a look at LinkedIn Learning's main features and what the platform offers to their users. ALl of the factors below should give you a pretty good idea if LinkedIn Learning has everything you're looking for to start your online learning journey.

For BusinessCertificationCourse Previews24/7 SupportFree CoursesFree TrialMobile AppOffline UsePromotionsRefunds

LinkedIn Learning Compared to Others

Sometimes, it might be difficult to choose the best platform before you can compare it to other platforms that offer similar features. Check how LinkedIn Learning compares to other popular platforms.

How Does LinkedIn Learning Work?

If a user spends more time figuring out how an online platform works instead of using it, then it’s not worth it. Ease of use is one of the most critical aspects of a website that offers online courses. And, in general, the design and the usability of the front page reflect the entire platform. For that reason, we’ll first focus on the homepage of the LinkedIn Learning website before we dig deeper into the platform.

The Front Page

The front page layout is pretty straightforward to navigate with the learning options on top and trending courses per category in the middle.. The page looks highly professional, well-organized, and doesn’t include any popular industry clichés that are relatively frequent. Furthermore, it’s also very intuitive, which speaks well of the overall design. However, some say it feels cold as it lacks a personal touch.

Opening a LinkedIn Learning Account

As for the platform itself, opening an account with LinkedIn Learning is fast and simple. It will take you only a couple of minutes to complete the registration process. Here are the basic steps:

  • Visit the website;
  • Sign in with your email or phone and password if you have a LinkedIn account;
  • Redirect to ‘Join now’ if you don’t have an account;
  • You can sign in to your account with LinkedIn Learning.

That’s it, you’re ready to start exploring.

Browsing all Available Courses

As soon as you sign up, you can browse all available courses on the platform. Just find the ‘Browse’ drop-down menu and select your preferred category: Business, Creative, or Technology. Then, you will notice that the categories are broken into three sub-categories: Subjects, Software, and Learning Paths. To help you understand better, let’s have a closer look at both the categories and sub-categories.

Main Categories:

  • Business – Includes courses on leadership, strategy and software, customer service, marketing, management, career development, professional development, and many more.
  • Creative – Includes courses on animation, illustration, photography, graphic design, music, sound design, drawing, 3D modeling, and many more.
  • Technology – Includes courses on cloud computing, database management, data science, machine learning, business intelligence, network security, and many more.


  • Subjects: Groups the different categories based on the topic you select and then displays the related subjects.
  • Software: This allows you to search for courses based on their software and tools.
  • Learning Path: Groups different courses together that you can learn as a whole if you want to master a specific topic.

Choosing a Potential Course

Once you’ve finished browsing, it’s time you select a course you want to enroll. But, to ensure it’s the right one for you, you’d better take a look at the course page. Course pages on LinkedIn Learning are also pretty standard and straightforward. You can check some general information about the course, including the level, the number of students, and when it was first released.

There’s a ‘What’s included’ section, general course descriptions, lecture lists, skills covered, instructor info, related courses, and so on. Yet, probably the most helpful section is the ‘lesson preview’ where you can get a clearer picture of the course.

Completing a Course

Each of the LinkedIn Learning courses is self-paced and easy to navigate. A course includes video lessons, exercise files, downloadable materials, and quizzes. You can watch the lessons on full screen and have a transcript of the videos. Plus, you can choose the quality and the speed of the video and whether or not you want closed captions displayed.

Most courses are structured into chapters, so you can easily follow your advancement through the course. Also, you can save your progress and go back to where you’ve stopped later. What’s more, switching from one device to another won’t be a problem, as the page itself saves your progress.

You will also have the option t0 take quizzes after every chapter so that you can check your progress, knowledge, and retention. And, as soon as you finish the entire course, there will be a more extensive quiz that tests your complete understanding of what you learned. Still, quiz length can vary from course to course.

Downloading Your Certificate of Completion

After completing a course, you’ll be provided with a certificate. You can download and share certificates of completion for your completed courses or learning paths directly from the Course or Learning Path page. Alternatively, you can download your certificate of completion from your Learning History by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account;
  • Click on the ‘Saved’ button at the top of the page;
  • Click on the ‘Learning History’ tab;
  • Select the course or the learning path, and click ‘More’;
  • Select ‘Download certificate’ from the drop-down.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing

Now that you know how LinkedIn learning works, let’s see what pricing models it offers. Indeed, there are only two options: pay for an individual course or sign up for one of the two subscription models it provides.

LinkedIn Learning Subscription Plans

  • Monthly subscription – $39.99 per month
  • Annual subscription – $26.99 per month, billed annually

As you can see, the LinkedIn Learning annual subscription works out cheaper each month, saving 38% over the year. Also, bear in mind that both of these subscription plans allow you full access to the same features, including:

  • Over 16,000 courses;
  • Personalized course recommendations;
  • A certificate upon completion;
  • Exercise files and quizzes;
  • Download for offline viewing;
  • Access to LinkedIn’s Premium Career features.

LinkedIn Learning Individual Courses

If you don’t want to pay a monthly/annual subscription, or want to take a specific course, then you have the option to purchase an individual course that may cost you from $20 to $50 (including taxes). You can do so by simply clicking on the ‘Buy this course’ button on the course page.

After purchasing an individual course, you can rewatch and retake the course as many times as you want. Yet, remember that you must keep your LinkedIn account to access the courses purchased. And, of course, you will get a certificate of completion for all of the courses you finished.

When it comes to refunds, LinkedIn Learning offers a 30-day refund guarantee on the individual courses purchased, but no refunds on the subscription models.

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses on Sale?

Currently, LinkedIn Learning is offering a 1-month free trial that allows you access to its entire course library without limitations. However, when the free trial ends, it will be automatically renewed into a paid subscription. This is a standard practice. Still, if you choose to cancel before the trial expires, you can easily do so through the following simple steps:

  • Find the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage;
  • Click on the icon and choose ‘Premium subscription settings’ from the drop-down;
  • Find ‘Cancel subscription’ under ‘Manage Premium account’ on the right ail;
  • Click on it and then again click on ‘Continue to cancel’.

And, remember that after canceling your subscription, you won’t be able to sign up for another free trial in the following 12 months.

Does LinkedIn Learning Have Free Courses?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Learning doesn’t offer any free courses. You can only take advantage of the 1-month free trial once a year.

LinkedIn Learning For Business

LinkedIn Learning for Business

The LinkedIn Learning for business page

In addition to offering courses to individual students, LinkedIn Learning also provides a personalized online learning solution for businesses. It allows access to over 16,000 courses in 7 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and simplified Chinese). LinkedIn Learning for Companies focuses on maximizing team training and promoting personalized development to help businesses achieve their goals.

With LinkedIn Learning, you will:

  • Increase employee engagement;
  • Meet the needs of modern learners;
  • Help employees develop relevant skills;
  • Scale learning programs.

To see how it works and how online learning can benefit your business, you can request a free demo and discuss relevant details with a LinkedIn Learning representative. They will curate the content to meet the needs of every team member. However, the LinkedIn Learning pricing plan for teams hasn’t been specified, so you must contact sales for a personalized quote.

LinkedIn Learning Courses Review

LinkedIn Learning Course Preview

The LinkedIn Learning course preview

When choosing an online learning platform, you must consider its course library and content. We’ve already established in this LinkedIn Learning review, that LinkedIn Learning has a quality-rich and diverse course library. Courses found on the platform are created to help users achieve the skills needed for personal and professional growth.

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16,000 courses divided into three main categories, including Business, Creative, and Technology. These categories are divided into three sub-categories, including Subjects, Software, and Learning Paths.

What’s also worth mentioning is that with LinkedIn Learning, you can:

  • Test your acquired skills and knowledge through different quizzes;
  • Set weekly goals to keep yourself on track;
  • See your progress and continue where you stopped;
  • Get the full transcript of every video;
  • Interact with others on the ‘Questions and answers’ section;
  • Take notes while watching the video lectures;
  • Display certificates on your LinkedIn profile;
  • View videos offline thanks to the mobile app;
  • Get personalized recommendations based on your profile.

Now that you understand the valuable features LinkedIn Learning provides, let’s have a closer look at the courses it offers.

Paid Courses

Up until now, you should have remembered that LinkedIn Learning doesn’t offer any free courses. Yet, it offers two pricing plans: purchasing individual courses or starting a subscription model.

If you choose to purchase an individual course, you will have lifetime access to it so that you can refresh your knowledge whenever you want. You will, of course, get a certificate of completion, and you have a 30-day refund guarantee if the course doesn’t meet your needs.

On the other hand, if you opt for either a monthly or annual subscription plan, you will get access to its entire course library and take as many courses as you wish, without limitations. You will also receive a certificate after completing a course.

It’s important to mention that LinkedIn Learning doesn’t offer refund on their subscription models.

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Useful?

The majority of users agree that LinkedIn learning is one of the better options out there when it comes to online learning platforms. This also speaks for the quality of content they offer to students and businesses. In other words, users find courses useful, especially for professional development. Indeed, there’s a large amount of content to cater to everyone’s needs.

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Worth It?

Long story short, yes. LinkedIn Learning is most certainly worth the price it costs, especially if you choose a subscription model and have enough free time to make use of the platform. You have access to more than 16,000 courses without limitations. Instructors leading the courses are experts in their fields, so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

LinkedIn Learning Pros

The main advantages of LinkedIn Learning include:

  • Massive range of courses and topics;
  • Interaction between learners and instructors;
  • Content in 7 different languages;
  • LinkedIn Learning mobile app.

Massive Range of Courses and Topics

The vast amount of material covered is probably one of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn Learning. It offers 16,000+ courses on business, creative, and technology topics. Plus, they are adding dozens of new courses on a weekly bases to ensure learners never run out of new things to learn. And, thanks to the Learning Paths, learners can master in-demand skillsets from a single place.

Interaction Between Learners and Instructors

Unlike other online learning platforms, LinkedIn Learning allows users to interact with their instructors. So, whenever learners find something unclear, they can ask questions and get detailed answers. Similarly, the ‘Question and Answers’ section allows learners to talk among themselves, which is crucial for building a solid community.

Content in 7 Different Languages

Even though English may be considered a global language, especially in the business and technology world, having content in other languages can be a huge benefit. LinkedIn Learning offers courses in seven languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and simplified Chinese. This helps the platform attract students from all over the world.

LinkedIn Learning Mobile App

Having a dedicated LinkedIn Learning mobile app developed for both iOS (4.8 ratings) and Android (4.5 ratings) devices is a great advantage, especially for those who want to learn on the go. With the app, users can access course materials via their smartphones or tablets, i.e., they can download courses for offline viewing. This is super convenient!

LinkedIn Learning Cons

The main disadvantages of LinkedIn Learning include:

  • No free courses available
  • Certificates of completion aren’t accredited
  • Difficulty levels aren’t 100% accurate

No Free Courses Available

The biggest disadvantage of LinkedIn Learning is that it doesn’t offer any free courses. They make up for it with the 1-month free trial, and allow students to explore the platform without any limitations. LinkedIn Learning would be more open for learners that can’t commit financially if they offer a selection of their courses for free. This is nothing unusual, as there are other online learning platforms like Udemy and Skillshare that have free content alongside their paid plans.

Certificates of Completion Aren’t Accredited

There’s no doubt that the LinkedIn Learning certificates of completion and badges are a great addition to your LinkedIn profile. However, as the course materials aren’t educationally accredited, and university professors don’t lead all of the courses, the certificates learners get after finishing a LinkedIn Learning course aren’t officially recognized.

If you’re looking to get accredited certificates and degrees from world-known universities, you can look into platforms like Coursera and edX. For detailed explanation of what these platforms offer, you can check our Coursera review, and our edX review.

Difficulty Levels Aren’t 100% Accurate

The third and final LinkedIn Learning disadvantage is that the difficulty levels found on the course pages aren’t always 100% accurate. For example, the difficulty level classification may be listed at as advanced but realistically, it more fits the intermediate level. Thus, some learners may feel like they didn’t get what they paid for.

LinkedIn Learning Review: Is LinkedIn Learning Legit?

When you’re are facing an extensive pool of options, it’s completely normal for you to have certain doubts. But, when it comes to LinkedIn Learning, you can rest assured that the platform is legit – and we hope this LinkedIn Learning review made that crystal clear.

Lynda has been offering online courses for more than 20 years before LinkedIn merged and renamed the platform into LinkedIn Learning. The longevity of the platform speaks for itself. With more than 27 million users, and a growing user base, LinkedIn Learning is undoubtedly one of the most popular online learning platforms out there.