Khan Academy Review 2022 – Your Free At-Home Classroom

Updated on August 15, 2022

Khan Academy is one the best online learning platforms for studying math, science and economics – completely free of charge! It covers a wide range of topics and its course library is pretty diverse. In this Khan Academy review, we’ll take a look at the platform’s features, what it offers, and whether it’s a good choice for you.

Khan Academy
Rating: 4.3/5


Khan Academy has over 130+ million registered users across 190 countries. This online learning platform is perfect for those looking to improve or learn new skills in math, science, economics and finance.

  • 100% free of charge
  • Many languages available
  • Excellent for math learners and teachers
  • Extra resources and programs
  • Missing/limited courses on non-math subjects
  • Lacks learner-teacher interactivity
  • No student collaboration
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Khan Academy Review

Khan Academy Homepage

The Khan Academy homepage

It all started back in 2005 when Salman (Sal) Khan used an Internet service called Yahoo Doodle Images to tutor one of his cousins in mathematics. Then, other cousins in the family started asking for the same type of tutoring service. So, due to the increasing demand, he decided to publish his content on YouTube after recording the video tutorials on his computer.

Thanks to the positive feedback, his main goal was to create a set of online tools to help students learn. In 2014, Khan Lab School was opened in Mountain View, California, and in 2017, Khan Academy officially launched the Financial Literacy Video Series to help college graduates and young professionals.

Today, Khan Academy features short video lessons, supplementary practice exercises, and materials aimed at educators. The site hosts more than 3,400 video lessons in math, science, art history, computer programming, test preparation, economics, biology, physics, chemistry, etc. What’s more, the platform has over 220 employees and more than 130 million registered users across 190 countries. This is more users from any other platform we’ve reviewed on, including Coursera (100 million users), Udemy (52 million users) and Codecademy (50 million users).

Khan Academy Stats

Let's take a look at some interesting Khan Academy stats that might help you decide whether this platform is a good fit for your needs.


What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is an American non-profit MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider. Since it is a MOOC provider and a non-profit organization, Khan Academy courses are 100% free, and everything on the platform can be accessed free of charge.

But, what makes it stand out from the rest of MOOC providers? To this day, Khan Academy has a reputation of being the best online learning platform for math, but also for improving or learning new skills in science, economics, and finance. Over the years, they have partnered with numerous institutions and educators to provide courses in other fields as well.

Is Khan Academy Accredited?

Unfortunately, although the platform provides an exceptional learning experience to learners worldwide, Khan Academy is not accredited.

Khan Academy Features

In this section, we're taking a look at Khan Academy's main features and what the platform offers to their users. ALl of the factors below should give you a pretty good idea if Khan Academy has everything you're looking for to start your online learning journey.

For BusinessCertificationCourse Previews24/7 SupportFree CoursesFree TrialMobile AppOffline UsePromotionsRefunds

How Does Khan Academy Work?

Now that you are familiar with Khan Academy’s history and what they’re all about, we can talk about functionality. User experience and ease of use are some of the critical factors to consider when choosing a learning platform. So, let’s begin.

The Front Page

Having an aesthetically-pleasing design makes a great first impression, though many would deny the fact. Indeed, the design might not be on the top of a user’s priority list, but it is still quite significant. If the design is pleasing to the eye, the chances that they continue using and exploring the site are pretty high. On the contrary, they may leave the page a couple of seconds after visiting.

Luckily, Khan Academy’s front page makes an excellent first impression. The layout is very straightforward. It doesn’t overwhelm the user with unnecessary information, but only what you need like course topics and subjects, basic interlinks like ‘Contacts,’ and a search bar. And you are also provided with three options to choose from – for learners, teachers, or parents. Overall, the user interface is smooth, easy to use, and clear. Nothing crashes or lags.

Opening a Khan Academy Account

Opening an account with Khan Academy is very intuitive and simple as the overall website. However, it will take a couple of minutes from your time. Here’s how you can sign up for Khan Academy account:

  • Visit the website and click on the ‘Sign up’ button in the top right corner;
  • Choose whether you want to create your account as a learner, teacher, or parent;
  • Assuming you choose a learner account, you then have to enter your date of birth;
  • Select your preferred registration system – Google, Facebook, Apple account, or email.

But remember, you don’t need an account to access Khan Academy lessons. Still, if you do register and sign in, you can take advantage of keeping track of your progress and access other features like giving your teacher or parent access to your learning history.

Browsing all Available Courses

Once you have registered with Khan Academy, it’s time you explore the course library and choose a course that best suits your needs. You can browse all available courses by either entering a keyword into the search bar, which is quite convenient if you know what you’re looking for, or you can choose a category and topic from the ‘Courses’ drop-down menu in the top left corner of the homepage.

You’ll instantly notice that Khan Academy focuses on math courses and subjects related to it, although there are a few other categories. To be more precise, here’s a brief list of the ten course categories you can find on the platform:

  • Math: Pre-K – 8th Grade,
  • Reading & Language Arts,
  • Math: Get Ready Courses,
  • Math: High School & College,
  • Test Prep,
  • Science,
  • Computing,
  • Economics,
  • Arts & Humanities,
  • Life Skills.

Choosing a Potential Course

After you find the course you’d want to take, you can click on the title, and you will be taken to the course page to find out more information about it. Interestingly, these pages have a scrollable user interface – some people like it, some don’t. Still, this isn’t a deal-breaker for sure.

The course page provides you with all the important information like a brief introduction, a course summary, an overview, an ‘about’ section, etc. However, you might find the page confusing as this information is scattered around the page.

Completing a Course

When it comes to completing courses, Khan Academy is pretty similar to other online learning platforms we’ve covered. That said, learners have to watch video lessons and then engage in interactive quizzes, practices, and challenges to check their knowledge of the material learned. In addition to videos and quizzes, learners can also access short reading assignments, comment and discussion boards, and much more.

Downloading your Certificate of Completion

Unfortunately, Khan Academy isn’t an accredited institution. It also doesn’t provide any form of certification after completing a course. Instead, the platform is intended to be used by students as a supplement to traditional schooling.

Khan Academy Pricing

The next factor we’ll talk about is pricing. There’s no doubt that pricing plays a vital role when you choose an online learning platform.

But wait, there’s no such thing as costs and pricing at Khan Academy! We’ve already noted before that opening an account and taking courses on Khan Academy is completely free of charge. The main aim of a MOOC provider is to make education accessible and available to anyone and everywhere, for free.

As it is a non-profit, the company gets money to fund the platform through donations from individuals and philanthropic companies. What’s more, individuals are given two options to choose from if they want to help the platform out. First, they could donate a certain sum of money, or second, volunteer.

Are Khan Academy Courses on Sale?

As Khan Academy offers its own course library and resources for free, logically, there aren’t courses on sale.

Does Khan Academy Have Free Courses?

Khan Academy is actually one of the few online learning platforms that offer all of their courses for free. The platform provides users with more than 3,400 free video lessons in math, subjects related to math, and a couple of other topics.

Khan Academy for Business

On the downside, Khan Academy doesn’t offer any business plans like other MOOC providers. It is created solely with the idea to help learners learn math and other math-related subjects.

However, the company offers specifically designed interactive features for teachers and parents as well. Indeed, teachers and parents can open an account with Khan Academy and get access to a great range of information, practice exercises, tutorials, etc. In addition, both teachers and parents can track student progress if the student’s account is ‘linked’ to theirs.

All in all, Khan Academy may not be the perfect platform to train employees, but it certainly is the number one destination for teachers and parents.

Khan Academy Courses Review

Khan Academy Course Preview

The Khan Academy course preview

It’s time we move on to yet another factor you should seriously consider when deciding whether or not Khan Academy is right for you – and that’s courses offered on the platform.

And, just to remind you, here’s a shortlist of the ten main course categories to choose from together with some course examples:

  • Math: Pre-K – 8th Grade – Up to 2nd grade (Khan Kids), 2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc;
  • Reading & Language Arts – Up to 2nd grade (Khan Kids), 2nd grade, 3rd grade, Grammar, etc;
  • Math: Get Ready Courses – Get ready for 3rd grade, Get ready for Algebra 1, Get ready for Geometry, etc;
  • Math: High School & College – Algebra 1, Trigonometry, Statistics & Probability, etc;
  • Test Prep – SAT, LSAT, Praxis Core, and MCAT;
  • Science – High school biology, High school physics, AP®︎/College Chemistry, etc;
  • Computing – Computer programming, AP®︎/College Computer Science Principles, Computer Science, etc;
  • Economics – Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, AP®︎/College Macroeconomics, Finance, capital markets, etc;
  • Arts & Humanities – US history, Art History, AP®︎/College US Government & Politics, etc;
  • Life Skills – Social & emotional learning (Khan Kids), Careers, Growth mindset, Personal finance, etc.

Free Courses

All Khan Academy courses are 100% free. They include video lessons, short readings, interactive quizzes, and comment threads. Plus, all the lessons and materials are presented in a sequential order which usually matters a lot as you need to gain the foundational skills first so that you can advance further and gain more complex knowledge.

Khan Academy courses aren’t just like those on other platforms meaning that courses haven’t got a dedicated instructor to provide personal attention if you take a course. Plus, all courses are completely self-paced, which is quite convenient when you have a busy schedule, so you learn whenever and wherever you can.

Paid Courses

Given that Khan Academy is 100% free, there aren’t any paid courses available.

Are Khan Academy Courses Useful?

Khan Academy courses are highly beneficial, especially for schoolchildren, as there are numerous courses to choose from based on the grade. Indeed, many user reviews state how great the platform was and how its quality content and tutorials helped them improve academic accomplishments.

Are Khan Academy Courses Worth It?

Provided the fact that Khan Academy is entirely free, you will only have to invest your time and effort into your learning experience. That said, Khan Academy is most definitely worth your attention.

Khan Academy Pros

The main advantages of Khan Academy include:

  • 100% free of charge;
  • Many languages available;
  • Excellent for math learners and teachers;
  • Extra resources and programs.

100% Free of Charge

Being completely free to access and learn is probably the main advantage of Khan Academy. Creating an account with them is free of charge. It unlocks everything the platform offers, including the entire course library, articles, practice questions, quizzes, additional resources for parents and teachers, etc. You don’t even have to create an account in order to start learning. What’s even more convenient, there are no contracts, spam, and ads – only learning.

Many Languages Available

Suppose you aren’t a native English speaker, no worries. Khan Academy tries to offer courses in as many languages as possible. Its video lectures are available in several languages with over 20,000 subtitle translations, most of which are done by volunteers. That said, you can choose to watch the videos in almost 30 languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Polish, Uzbek, Bengali, Chinese, and many more. Just note that not all videos are available in every language.

Excellent for Math Learners and Teachers

One thing is for sure; Khan Academy is the best online learning platform for math learners who want to improve their knowledge in various math subjects, from basic ones, to more complicated fields like calculus. Additionally, math teachers can also find a great range of resources to use in the classroom and explain problems to their students. They can set up their own classroom on the platform, use Khan Academy courses, and grade and track students’ progress.

Extra Resources and Programs

Finally, even though Khan Academy is relatively new in the online course marketplace, it seems that it constantly improves its offering by releasing new programs and features. For instance, they have the Pixar in a Box study program that shows how skills learned at school have helped the Pixar creators. Also, the platform offers official SAT preparation and a unique program for young children called Khan Academy Kids.

Khan Academy Cons

The main disadvantages of Khan Academy include:

  • Missing/limited courses on non-math subjects;
  • Lacks learner-teacher interactivity;
  • No student collaboration.

Missing / Limited Courses on Non-math Subjects

Yes, Khan Academy is great for math and subjects alike, but what about many other subjects students have to learn. Being focused heavily on math may be one of the biggest disadvantages of the platform. Although they offer courses in other areas like computing, finance, life skills, arts, and humanities, the number of such courses cannot compare to the extensive library of math courses Khan Academy offers.

Lacks Learner-Teacher Interactivity

Another disadvantage of using Khan Academy is the lack of learner-teacher interactivity. Unlike many online learning platforms, Khan Academy doesn’t allow  students communicate with the course instructor. That said, if you have any doubts or questions, you have to try to solve them on your own or go through the Q&A sections featured in some of the more popular courses. That said, if you are looking for immediate feedback and personalized attention, you should explore other platforms.

No Student Collaboration

The last disadvantage of using Khan Academy is the lack of collaboration between students. Online learning platforms like Pluralsight, DataCamp and edX – just to name a few, have a pretty strong community enabling students to interact and collaborate, but unfortunately, Khan Academy misses this aspect of user experience. Working with peers on collaborative projects or simply sharing ideas may be pretty beneficial, though. With that in mind, we hope that the platform will add some features allowing learners to communicate.

Khan Academy Review: Is Khan Academy Legit?

If we can say one thing in this Khan Academy review, it is that Khan Academy is a remarkably useful platform for students looking to supplement their traditional learning, especially in math and subjects related to math.

As it is a non-profit organization offering its courses entirely for free, you probably aren’t questioning is Khan Academy legit or not. But still, let’s briefly talk about this so you won’t have any doubts.

Put shortly; Khan Academy is a legitimate company with headquarters in Mountain View, California. It’s been on the market for quite a while, and millions of students have used this online learning platform and taken some of its 3,400+ courses to improve their knowledge, especially in math.